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Confident Individuals
Responsible Citizens
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Our moral obligation is to help our children become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens, and we believe that our portfolio for professional development will help us achieve this goal. This is because, in order to grow others, we need to have grown ourselves.


We believe that the training that we offer should lead to both personal and professional growth. We believe also that the training that we offer should be credible and accredited. Above all the training which we offer should be a very high standard and should have a lasting influence and impact.


Training Offered

NPQSLHISP EDTJanuary 2022 onwardsJames Everett
Managing Emotions and Behaviour in KS1GLF Teaching School HubMay 2023 onwardsKatie Scott


The training provided will be reviewed on an annual basis in order to plan for future growth if desired. All analysis will be focused on the impact upon our school as well as those who attend. Have we grown due to the training being provided or has it distracted us from our core values and the needs of the children and staff?


For further information on any of the training listed above please email

Student Teachers at our school

We value enormously our relationship with Chichester University and enjoy working to develop the teachers of the future. We receive school placements for PGCE and BA Hons with QTS teaching students which take the form of long term placements or 2 week enhanced placements.


Student teachers who attend tell us that they achieve great growth when working with us and that they develop significantly as teachers:


‘I found the staff inspiring at Barnham Primary School and was encouraged to take risks with my teaching’


‘I was trusted by the staff team to teach to my strengths’


‘I felt included and part of the team. I felt that my contribution was really valued’