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Listed below are useful documents for The Oak Academy Trust

The Oak Academy Trust

On the 1st of July the school converted to an academy primary school and set up ‘The Oak Academy Trust’ – a multi-academy trust with Barnham Primary School as the lead school.


This is an enabling, empowering and exciting step for the school and our community and one that was taken in order to design a future for our children which has their needs at the centre of all that we do.

What our children say about our school

Barnham Primary School is a community of staff, parents and pupils. By being there for us and supporting us, the community have helped us to become successful learners.


Barnham has prepared us for life, helping us with our friendships and encouraging us to stay focused. The staff encourage us to move on from any issues, once they are resolved, not wanting the past to become the future.


Barnham has taught me that we all need to look out for each other, respect people equally and ensure that everyone has the same experiences and opportunities.


The school has taken me to lots of events and has had the belief that I will perform well; this has given me confidence. If things don’t go as well as expected then the staff will re-explain what’s needed and encourage you. As a result you’ll try harder and try new things you never thought you would.